Street Systems Case Study

Problem - Send a high volume of trades to Bloomberg TOMS


Our fixed income group trades governemnt securities and corporates on various exchanges. We need to get those trades into Bloomberg TOMS as quickly as possible to manage the firm's risk. There's a potential for a monetary loss if we miss a trade or input a trade into TOMS incorrectly.

We trade on eSpeed, Brokertech, Dealerweb, MarketAxess and Liquidity Edge.

As the desk grows and volume increases we need automation to help us manage our business.

Solution - Street Systems STP

  1. Install Street Systems connectors that will link STP to eSpeed, Brokertech, Dealerweb, MarketAxess and Liquidity Edge.

  2. Attach each connector to the Street Systems Message Hub to automate the processing of each trade message.

  3. Convert each trade message into a Bloomberg TOMS trade using the STP Translation Engine. Assign the correct Bloomberg counterparty and Trade Book.

  4. Send the trade message to Bloomberg TOMS. Trader can see their updated position in their TOMS trade book.

Message Receipt

Street Systems accepts FIX messages, proprietary protocol, FTP, Excel or Email messages and files.

Translation Engine

Street Systems uses a high performance proprietary message conversion technology.

Message Delivery

Translated messages are delivered to their destination fast and acurate.

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