Street Systems Case Study

Problem - Publish Government Securities prices on Bloomberg


We use Excel to calculuate our own prices for the on the runs government securities. There has to be a way to share these prices with our customers and all the traders on the desk.

All of our customers want to see our prices on Bloomberg. Our challenge is to share the prices on our Excel spreadsheet on a Bloomberg single dealer page. This is the best way for us to reach all of our customers in a seamless way.

Because these prices are time sensitive the conection between our spreadsheet and Bloomberg must be as fast as possible.

Solution - Street Systems STP

  1. Use our native Excel formulas to publish each price change.

  2. Use the STP mesage hub to capture each price change and convert to Bloomberg format.

  3. The Bloomberg connector will link the STP Message Hub to Bloomberg.

  4. Bloomberg can then display your prices in ALLQ or on a single dealer page.

Excel Add-in

Street Systems native Excel formulas will capture and publish each price change.

Straight Through Processing

Use Street Systems STP technology to collect data from any of your vendors.

Message Delivery

Connect to Bloomberg and share your prices with the Bloomberg users.

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