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What do we do

Exchange connectivity

LiquidityEdge, Fenics, Btec, Dealerweb, MaraketAxess, ICAP, GX2 and more.

Clearance connectivity

Trace, Pershing, ICBC, JP Morgan, NFS, Mirae, Shadow Financial, Trax.

OMS connectivity

TOMS, VCON, QTIX, Trading Automation Solutions, ICE, MultiLynq & ZIA.

Custom software development

Software solutions that built to your specification and that works in your environment, Workflow automation, Tailored systems bridge.

System integration

Bring data together from differnet sources into one common place. Create custom website and reports.

Fixed income trading

Trading Automation Solutions is a Street Systems affiliate that offers a full featured fixed income trading platform.

About us


With a focus on understanding your environment we recommend the solution that fits best. The result is software that automates manual processes, streamlines work flow and provides you with the ability to take control of your data.Our core principles are creativity, design, and knowledge We are backed by 30 years of wall street experience

Straight Through Processing


Straight Through Processing (STP) automates post trade processing allowing you to increase transaction volume with no manual intervention. Street Systems STP uses a proprietary message hub technology to achieve faster and more reliable trade processing, increasing accuracy and transaction volume.

Message Receipt

Street Systems accepts FIX messages, proprietary protocol, FTP, Excel or Email messages and files.

Translation Engine

Street Systems uses a high performance proprietary message conversion technology.

Message Delivery

Translated messages are delivered to their destination fast and acurate.

System integration & Data aggregation


Street Systems real time database repository merges data from various trading and clearance systems. Reconciliation tools compare data from various systems to ensure accuracy. Sophisticated report writer and web portal provide access to your information. Automated integration of trading and clearance systems eliminates manual intervention.

Straight Through Processing

Use Street Systems STP technology to collect data from any of your vendors.

Data Repository

Save your data in a high performance consolidate shared database.

Reporting & Data Mining

Merge data to create custom reports and automate manual tasks.

Custom software development


Commercial software is generic and doesn't provide all the features and functions to meet your business needs. You may need to change your procedures or build complex spreadsheets to work within the confines of your commercial software. A custom software solution provided by Street Systems is designed to meet your specific needs and improve your business process. Street Systems brings over 30 years of Wall Street & Technology experience to provide the best solution.


Our team works closely with yours, working collaboratively throughout the process.


We use rapid prototyping, iterative developement, design thinking and agile devops.


Street Systems brings more than 30 years of Wall Street technology experience.

Our Clients

  • We asked Street Systems to help us provide our institutional clients with the best experience and make it easier for them access our library of research. Street Systems acted as our partner and helped guide us through the process. Their deep knowledge of both the financial services industry and technology was the perfect balance to create a better client experience and give us the management tools needed so that we could take control. Street systems collaborated with us and reacted quickly to unforeseen changes to provide pressprich with the best solution. We at pressprich look forward to working with Street Systems in the future and would recommend them as a software consulting firm that provides a complete end to end solution.

    Ed Rappa, r.w. pressprich & co. CEO
  • Braver Stern hired Street Systems to design and build a middle office support system, data repository, and risk reporting engine. We provided high-level specifications and Street Systems was able to work quickly and independently to deliver a robust and reliable platform that was ultimately used as the backbone for a firm wide data consolidation initiative. I would recommend Street Systems for their deep technical knowledge and development expertise.

    Frank Codey, Braver Stern Securities Head of Operations and Risk Management
  • Street Systems covers the full scope of whatever project they are involved in. Their expertise is in IT development and programming, but they make sure they understand all aspects of what the business requires. They work with everyone involved to ensure they produce a solution that gets results that are comprehensive and long lasting.

    Michael Kaplan, Jefferies Asset Management Director of Operations

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