Straight Through Process

Street Systems tools provide integration with your order management system and trading partners. Our products integrate all your data in real time and automate manual processes.

Straight Through Processing (STP) automates the end-to-end handling of trade confirmations by using an electronic real time trade processing engine. STP will automatically update your blotter with trades executed on any ECN or electronic trading platform. Your position blotter is automatically up to date and accurate. Costly manual data entry is eliminated. Achieve quicker, safer, economical trade confirm processing. Execute trades anywhere and process all your trade tickets with no manual intervention. Consolidate all your electronic trade confirm feeds with Street Systems STP.

Productivity / Connectivity

How it works
  Trade Anywhere - Execute on any ECN or electronic trading platform. Execute with any broker over the counter.
  Trade Delivery - Trade Confirms are delivered to the Street Systems Trade Processing Engine in any format. Street Systems works with FIX, Proprietary protocols, most File types or formatted emails.
  Trade Processing Engine - Trade Confirms are translated from any electronic message or file format into Street Systems common trade format.
  Trade Confirm Submission - The Trade Processing Engine will communicate with your position management system and post your confirms automatically. Street Systems can work with you and Interface with your proprietary system.

Technology behind STP
STP is powered by an efficient high performance trade processing engine using the latest Microsoft Technologies to deliver a robust and reliable flow of data. Trade Confirms are persisted to guarantee integrity. STP employs efficient safeguards to ensure timely processing of your trade confirm data. Trade data is secure and encrypted based on your trading partner’s capabilities. Street Systems provides a web based dashboard that allows you to view the state of all processes used to move your trade data to your position management system.