What We Do

Street Systems is a management consulting company which specializes in the financial services community. We focus on understanding your process flow and recommending the solution that best fits your organization. The result is a system that automates manual processes, streamlines work flow and provides our clients with a facility to take control of their data.

Among the many strengths that distinguish Street Systems in the marketplace are our:

Industry expertise
Broad and evolving service offerings
Expertise Process Flow reengineering
Commitment to the long-term relationship with our clients
Industry Contacts

Whether you are looking to design or implement a new system or completely re-engineer a business or process, Street Systems can help. Street Systems prides itself in offering creative, effective and practical solutions.

Systems Integration
Experts in integrating vendor systems such as trading platforms, accounting systems and back office providers. Street Systems has a in depth knowledge of the data contained in these systems which is key to combining disparate information into one system using a common set of data structures and rules.
Compliance Systems
Our regulatory compliance software solution was developed out of many years experience in regulatory compliance domain combined with consultations from legal experts who specialize in SEC, FINRA, and FCA regulations. We provide clients ith highly configurable, functionally integrated regulatory compliance software solutions.
Database Architecture
Skilled professionals who know the most effective way to organize disparate data into a common normalized and highly usable database. Street Systems has a detailed knowledge of the data collected and used by Financial Services Firms.

Straight Through Processing
Help improve work flow processes through automation. We just don’t write software at Street Systems we include all aspects of the process when developing a solution.
Real Time Haircut Calculator
Real time capital management and haircut calculator. Risk based haircut program that computes haircuts for various securities as defined in the SEC amended net capital rule.